MagPro Recycling Systems is an innovative company working in the recycling industry.

The company develops separation solutions that act as genuine alternatives to landfill and other separation techniques that consume high quantities of energy or create pollution.

MagPro’s area of expertise is magnetism, but the company also considers a range of other techniques and skills to develop tools that are perfectly suited to the problems posed.

MagPro cocktails: observation, a dose of technology and a dash of common sense…

A new Generation of Eddy Current Separator

The D15-4-MR eddy current separator is the company’s flagship product. It is distinctive from other machines on the market due to its innovative architecture and the unique way that it works.

The machine features a disk-type inducer with very high magnetic values, making it a universal, high-performance machine that provides unrivalled separation quality.

It was initially designed for extracting non-ferrous metals from ash, crushed vehicles, WEEE, etc. It is also highly effective at separating non-ferrous metals such as copper/lead, aluminium/copper, zamak/lead, etc.

The D15-4-MR is comfortable with particle sizes of up to 15 mm, excelling with particle sizes between 0 and 5 mm.

The eddy current separator, MagPro-style…

This machine, however, is not noted for its exceptional performance alone.

With its easy-to-use settings, the machine can be used to its maximum potential in an instant.

And wear parts can easily be replaced in less than 15 minutes.

Furthermore, its compact design makes it easy to install just about anywhere.

Combined performance and ergonomics…

Its “raison d’être” is to reduce the huge volume of waste that we bury every day.

Against a background of increasingly strict legal requirements and soaring landfill center costs, MagPro is developing its solutions.

MagPro’s powerful separation technologies don’t just help to protect the environment, they also help to extract metals more effectively. The D15-4 is therefore a highly profitable investment.

With such exceptional performance, it’s no wonder that there are already dozens of MagPro machines in operation worldwide.

Innovation, but not just for the environment…

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